It's been 2 years since the last update on this blog. My apologies for not updating the blog, not that anyone read it :d I really need to set up some IFTTT action so that our activities in other social media platform push thru here as well.. O well, I'll do it tomorrow!

A lot has happened since our marriage started in 2015. I quit my job in RadioDFM then start my journey in the FT MBA program in Rotterdam School of Management. I went to MBAT and swam for RSM. Ratri got pregnant in October of 2015 and Raili born in 20th June 2016 :joy: Indonesia won another gold medal in the Olympic, and we watch it live with our lovely new family and friends in Rotterdam. More post on Ratri and Raili soon-ish. Hi-jinks during the MBA program are catalogued in my hand-written diary, I caught the fountain pen bug, blame reddit. >_< 

Then in mid August 2016, I got high fever and night sweats, on the 20th the doctor told me to get my blood checked. He proceed to call me on the same day to get my self admitted to Erasmus MC. There, I was told that there are some abnormalities in my blood, and that I'm diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

The treatment started immediately, starting with a round of chemotherapy, some episode of hallucination, a couple day in intensive care , another round of chemo, a string of negotiation with the insurance company, another round of chemo, and finally an allogenic stem cell transplant this month. The prognosis started good, then bad, then good again. It has been a good roller coaster ride this last 6 months.

So far the new stem cell looks like its been working as expected and seems to be compatible with my body, as in no apparent rejection nor an apparent Graft-Versus-Host decease. :yay: the next couple of weeks would be crucial to see if there's any GVHD developing. There are a documented 70% of successful ASCT for patient in my age group, so hopefully the AML would keep in remission for the rest of my life.