It has been 4 months after we’ve been back to Jakarta, Indonesia. Raili is adjusting to life in Jakarta with ease. She found our room in Jakarta a little bit too comfortable, as it is as big as our apartment in Rotterdam. She also has found new friends with the fishes! Taking turn with her uncles to feed the fishes and water the plants. She has found her groove. Ratri is trying her best to keep up with Raili’s amazing growth over the last 4 months.

As for me, I’m still job hunting, a couple interesting interview has been conducted, but nothing landed yet. In the mean time, I’m helping grandpa to set up his new website, trying to track down his publications and books rights as we need to figure out who own the rights for his works in the last couple of decades, as well as trying to sketch out some new business opportunities.

I also survived my first (or was it the second time? as I was relieved of my duty back in ‘17) JOTI as NOT a deputy country coordinator and only as an IRCop. the experience is somewhat… different. exciting to see what the young kinds nowadays use for abbreviating and make their conversation unique and ongoing. I just learn that pc nowadays means “private chat” and not “personal computer” and nobody used asl anymore. It is amazing how text messages on IRC evolves overtime.

I got back into yoga, as irregular as I can be. Trying to find a 1 hour chunk of time for proper exercise used to be so easy. And I need to find time to patch up the bikes so I can get back on the trainer.

Anyway, its almost 3AM, Raili is getting restless, and I think I need some sleep?